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Carousel of Nations Multicultural Festival is a family event that contributes to the social cohesion of the Halton Region community.


Carousel of Nations Multicultural Association is dedicated to address and prevent racial discrimination through multicultural arts programming that aids in dispelling myths, dismantling stereotypes, unlearning biases and alleviating fears.

Since 1999, the festival remains to be a successful collaboration among the local ethno-cultural groups, professional and amateur multicultural artists, Halton Regional Police Service, local businesses, government and corporate sponsors.

The Carousel of Nations Multicultural Association (CNMA) exists to celebrate the cultural diversity of Halton Region for the educational and entertainment benefit of the community.

CNMA, a member of Oakville Arts Council, is dedicated to promote the holistic understanding and appreciation of the diversity and significance of the multicultural arts in a cultural context.


1) To educate about cultural differences, cross-cultures, racial prejudice and discrimination through multicultural arts seminars, conferences and educational programs intended for the general public, schools and the Carousel of Nations Multicultural Association.

2) To produce performing visual arts festivals for the purposes of educating and advancing the publics understanding and appreciation of performing arts and to educate artists through participation in such festivals and related workshops.